Independent acoustic consultancy from Duncan Newhall

Welcome to DKN Acoustics

Duncan Newhall runs DKN Acoustics, providing quality and cost-effective noise consultancy advice to a vast array of clients.

Based near Bath and working nationwide, DKN Acoustics can help you overcome the noise-related issues of your development and to the satisfaction of the relevant regulating bodies.

Whether your project is at pre or post planning application stage, or if it is a noise-sensitive or noise-generating site, we will be able to help.

Why choose us?

Client Feedback


“Just spoken with the Environmental Protection Department regarding the application to extend the hours. Based on the mitigation measures in place she is satisfied with the level of impact, one of the best noise mitigation schemes she has ever seen for a unit of this nature.”

Maven Plan Ltd

“This is a thank you note to say how pleased I was with the service you provided for us.”

Head of Dynamics and Acoustics, Buro Happold Ltd

“Full planning permission arrived today. Thank you for all your help.”

Heritage Architecture

“That’s great, thanks a lot for undertaking the report so quickly for us.”

Pitman Tozer Architects

“Thanks very much Duncan for a great job.”

Finance Director, Radnor House School, Twickenham

“Thanks Duncan, that reads very well to me”

Senior Partner, Cunnane Town Planning

“Many thanks for getting this through so promptly. I think the report reads well and is clear.”

Planning Potential Ltd

“Thanks for all your hard work.”

Environmental Gain Ltd

“Thanks Duncan, that’s great.”

Business Development Manager, Go Ape!

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